Falls from ladders are a common cause of injury in the workplace.

Skyhooks Difficult Access Team can design and install lightweight aluminium ladders suitable for all access applications.

A range of safety features are available, allowing ladders to be tailored for the worksite, including:

  • Ladder fall arrest line, with an instant cable locking device.
  • Safety cage.
  • Platform and railing attachments.
  • Fold-down ladder for hatch access.

The aluminium construction ensures low maintenance and neat appearance, whilst the unique profile design is light weight, comfortable and easy to use.
Ladder Brackets

Portable ladders are secured through a stainless steel cradle system, also known as a ladder bracket which supports and secures from the top rung to prevent any movement of the ladder.

Have Skyhooks Difficult Access Team install their top of the line ladder systems and keep your workers safe!



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